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Corterra came together as a way to engage our collective entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to cutting edge exploration. Our team has a proven track record of success and wide ranging expertise. We’ve done every job in the oil and gas industry, and we aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We also care deeply about our heartland and the communities in which we live and work.

If you’re a high performer who welcomes growth opportunities, challenges and collaboration, Corterra may be the right place for you. We will post job openings as they become available. However, we’re always open to expanding our network.

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Corterra Energy was founded by entrepreneurial veterans of the oil and gas industry. We honor the history of oil and gas exploration, built through sweat equity and resilience. We know that great reward can only come through having the courage to take calculated risks, supported through research and responsible operations.



We value the land we work because it’s our home. It’s the place we’ve chosen to raise our children and we vow to take care of it.


Safety and health are top priorities in every operation we undertake. We also are committed to creating environmentally responsible processes and exploring ways to make our work more sustainable.


Our team has a proven track record of success with decades of experience earned at the nation’s leading oil and gas companies. Collectively, we’ve done every job there is to do in oil and gas, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and our deep wells of knowledge give us confidence we will succeed.


Corterra Energy is well funded because our investors believe we’ve positioned ourselves for success. We utilize the latest technological advances to increase productivity and performance in regard to geoscience, drilling and completions.


From preliminary exploration to extraction, every step we take is backed by exhaustive research by the best experts in the industry.


Our team has extensive experience working with state and national regulatory agencies and laws. We know how to navigate these processes in the most efficient and expedient manner.


We are rate of return focused. Period. We will return value to our stakeholders. Everything we do is a value prospect.